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Week 43 | Tugging at My Heartstrings

Ari - Week 43

Grandma Wanda brought Ari to the door to say goodbye when I left for work Wednesday morning, and Ari started to cry as I walked away! I don't think I've ever experienced something so heart-wrenching, especially knowing that it was because of me. It was so hard to go!

Ania and I have talked about this kind of thing, and agreed long ago that we wouldn't prolong goodbyes, nor go back and forth as we leave. We want Arianna to get used to the idea of either of us leaving, and learn that it's not permanent. We think distraction is a good tactic for now, and Grandma Wanda's got plenty of those up her sleeve. It was still really hard to walk away from my sad little baby!

Arianna has started making a "surprise" noise; she sharply draws in breath when she wants to direct our attention or demonstrate that she recognizes something. She must have heard one of us doing it as we tried to direct her attention to something, and now she does it for the same reason. It's really cute! It's also surprisingly gratifying to see her excitement about the fact of recognizing a ball, or any number of other objects. It might appear that she's excited about the ball itself, but I suspect she's more excited about her new-found ability to recognize and identify things.

Ari got to meet "aunt" Dee Dee (my cousin) for the first time. We had some very nice visits, and we're all glad to have her get to know some of our extended family more.

Visiting with aunt Dee Deed

And we all had fun at Cordi's 1st birthday party Saturday. She's generally very social and does really well with lots of people around.

Balloons and balls seem to be Ari's favorite toys. I think she sees balloons as some kind of ball, which makes sense, if you think about it from the perspective of how much context she has for objects. For either one, she says "Bah!" We'd just gotten a new (helium-filled) balloon for her, and when she was lying on her back, I held it above her so she could catch the string. I let go, and she pulled the balloon down toward her, hand over hand. Where did she learn to do that?

Ari balloon hand over hand

Ari started playing the "fall back game" this week. On weekend mornings, we bring her into bed with us, and she loves to sit up in bed, then give us a knowing look, fall backward, and laugh with glee! I was immediately paranoid this would become some bad habit she'd want to do everywhere, but my hope was that she'd recognize that the bed is soft and safe, and only do it there. It seems she's a smart baby; she only ever does it in bed, so we say "faaaall back" and laugh with her (it's hard not to!) and I stopped stressing. It's so cool to think that our daughter is inventing games to play with us!

Milestones & Metrics

  • Cried when I left for work
  • Surprise noise
  • Started "the fall back game"
  • Stats: 21lbs 11oz (85%), 31" tall (98%), 45.75cm (90%)
  • How Arianna looks this week:
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