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Week 42 | Sharing

Ari - Week 42

Arianna spontaneously started to share things with us. In my case, she started by offering me her teething ring. It's very sweet to see, and a pleasant habit for her to get into; I hope it continues! I wonder if she's just mirroring the fact that we give stuff to her...

Now that Ari can eat more "real" food, Ania made some meatballs for her out of ground turkey, vegetables, and breadcrumbs. She got the idea from the food Cordi — the daughter of our neighbors with whom we're going to share a nanny — had one day when her nanny Daysi brought her over for a play date. Aside from good protein, these make excellent, safe finger food when broken up into pieces. Ari loves them! We've been taking her to restaurants more, and she does really well sitting in a high chair.

We held memorial and burial services for my dad this week, and Ari was a model baby in both cases. She was incredibly well-behaved, and her smiling face and happy disposition brought a bit of sunshine to a sad occasion.

Ari says final goodbye to Grandpa Jim

Arianna earned her Certificate of Completion for the Contra Costa Library's Summer Reading Program for Babies that Ania signed her up for, and got a new book as a prize! We chose a "board book" (cardboard pages, which Ari loves to turn — and bite) of favorite nursery rhymes.

Certificate of Completion - Summer Reading Program

She's been making some fun developmental steps this week. She now dances any time there's music, and it's really fun to see. We've always danced her around and danced with her (especially Grandma Wanda), but now she's doing it herself! She's got a whole repertoire of moves too; she'll shake her head, bend her knees, and if she's sitting, she'll twist from side to side with her arms open. It almost seems like different music elicits different moves too...

She's also doing great at identifying objects; she can point to a ball in two separate books, as well as a balloon and a fish. Just a couple weeks ago, she started being able to choose a fish from among several toys.

Milestones & Metrics

  • Starting to share things with us
  • Starting to dance on her own
  • Can identify a ball, a balloon, and a fish in books
  • How Arianna looks this week:
    Ari Closeups - Week 42