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Week 44 | Hug!

Ari - Week 44

I thought the crying when I left was something emotional, but my goodness, now Ari can give hugs! Words just aren't relevant when it comes to describing that feeling. It's the cutest thing ever; she tilts her head toward me, trying to rest it on my shoulder while I'm holding her. I could hold her like that forever — this is truly one of the rewards of parenthood!

She's started pointing distinctly and directly at what she wants. Before, she was putting her arm out and leaning in the direction she wanted to go, but this is different. She's very specific and precise, and she uses a single finger. She engages you, then locks her eyes on her target, so you'll follow her gaze. It's like she's got a laser pointer! As with the Daddy Taxi, Ari is simply not hesitant to involve others in helping her achieve what she wants. I like that she's so inclined to pursue her desires.

Sometimes she puts pointing together with the "surprise noise", when she wants to direct or catch your attention to show you something. I am dying to know what she would say when she shows me stuff! As it is, we talk about it with her, both to help her know we acknowledge what she's doing, and to start helping her identify, explain, and put what she's showing us in context.

The pointing is especially apparent when we're feeding her; she'll point to the cup of water until we give her some. She doesn't seem to have learned the signs for "drink" or "water" yet, but if we make them, she'll turn and look right at the cup, and she already knows exactly where it is. "Does Arianna want some water?"

She's really getting physically strong and dextrous now. Ania had a good idea to hand her individual pieces of fruit, vegetables, cereal, etc., in addition to her normal scooping and picking off the tray or plate. The idea is to give her more practice specifically with the pincer motion, which it seems she only just developed, but now has all but mastered. She can move, rotate, twist, and roll her body at will, and proto-crawls when she sees that as the most efficient transportation.

The notable thing is the facility she has with all these movements; she's building up a repertoire of them and has some down pat. She can push buttons and operate switches on toys that used to frustrate me because I thought they required too much physical strength. (She got the concept and had the dexterity, just not the strength.) There are still some she can't push, but the list is getting smaller fast.

Grandma Wanda is leaving soon, so we went to the Build a Bear Workshop and she made a special teddy bear for Arianna, with a recording of her voice, so Ari can hear her any time she wants.

PHOTO SUMMARY Wanda builds a bear for Ari

Arianna adds so much beauty to our lives!

Springtime baby
Pensive in her highchair

Milestones & Metrics

  • Giving us hugs
  • Sat up on her own from lying on her back
  • Pointing distinctly at what she wants
  • Showing us things
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