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First Father's Day

Father's Day was different this year, because it's my first time celebrating as a father in addition to celebrating my father. Ania and Ari surprised me in the morning with a sweet hand-made card with Ari's handprints and footprints and pictures of Ari and me together.

Then they gave me two frames with photos, one of me holding Ari when she was a little less than three months old:

Father's Day Photo

and another with three photos from the same time:

Father's Day Photo

Ania knows I dearly cherish the time when Ari was a little tiny baby, and this a perfect way to remember my happy introduction to fatherhood.

Thanks to Marlena for the lovely photos!

I've said before how much I've changed after having Arianna, and I spent some time thinking about that today. I'm still shocked at the overpowering emotion I feel for our daughter, and now I truly understand how my parents were always able to say, "We love you no matter what."

I told my dad how much I appreciate all the time, effort, sacrifice, and love he put into being a father; now I'm starting to understand first-hand where all that comes from, and how joyfully it's given. I know I've got a huge responsibility and a big "job" ahead of me, but I've never had any doubt that I'll be a good father, because I've always had a great example in him. I couldn't think of a more important gift for a father to give to his son than that!


I was excited to spend the day with Ari, and wanted to show her something new, so we went for a ride on the steam train in Tilden Park and had a great time! Ari's a bit young to really understand what we were doing, but she loved all the people, sights and sounds, and it made me smile to see it all through her eyes.

Ari first train ride

I'm proud to be a father, and so glad I've been able to experience the joy and love Arianna has brought to our lives!

Ari first train ride