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Week 8 | Giving Thanks for Ari

Ari - Week 8

Ari seems to be mellowing out a lot this week! That's either related to having a slight cold/congestion, or perhaps she did have a stomach bug before (my dad and Lily both did as well), and now she's gotten over it. Either way, we're really happy! We had a little scare this Saturday; Ari appeared to be choking on her own saliva. The doctor said it's normal, but probably exacerbated by the cold. It ended up only lasting a day, which was reassuring.

Tracy & Dave were in town, and came by to meet Arianna. Deborah also came over, as well as Dave B., and we all went out for Friday night pizza, which was fun. We're all still in shock that we're hanging out with my baby, but we all really enjoyed the hang out.

PHOTO SUMMARY - Tracy, Dave, Deborah, & Dave visit Ari

When Ania was a child, her mother would put her under an apple tree at her grandmother's house, in her bassinet. Ania wanted Ari to know what that's like, so one brisk day, she bundled her up and put her under our apple tree (which is part of why Ania liked our house when we first saw it). It was a perfect Fall day, with warm sunshine, and a crisp coolness in the air. Ari seemed to love it, and had a very nice nap!

Ari sleeping under the apple tree

This week, we had our first Thanksgiving with Arianna. We had a delicious dinner at Kenny & Shirley's, with the rest of the local extended family. I love this picture of Mom, showing Arianna pictures of my grandmother, and lots of other members of our family, as well as us, over the years. I've been thinking about how those pictures — which I probably haven't looked at since showing them to Ania early on, and who knows when before that — convey and connect the past to the present. Perhaps for Arianna's great grandchild will be shown these entries on some holographic digital wall, many years from now.

Showing Ari family history

We are of course, both thankful to have Ari, and that she's such a healthy baby. I have to take a moment, though, and give thanks to Ania, for giving me the joy of this experience.

One of the things I worried about before we had Arianna was that this experience might not affect me like I heard everyone say it did them. I had a hard time believing it could be such a big deal; I figured people were just exaggerating how wonderful and amazing this experience is. What if it didn't such a deep, emotional impact on me? Dad always said "it really exemplifies the word 'awesome'!" and I'd think, yeah, yeah, he's just saying that to make sure I know I wasn't a burden; it couldn't possibly have been that big a deal. But no, Dad, you were right; I am in awe. We have created another human being, she's wonderful and beautiful, and I'm deeply moved!

Thankful for Ari

Of course, I knew that this too would be fine with Ania at my side. In this case, though, it's more than my aforementioned feeling that Ania's a great partner; she's a remarkably capable, conscientious, and loving mom. This is no surprise, though; if you ever saw her with the kids she took care of when she was au pair, it was clear she's a natural. To see how in her element Ania is right now adds a lot to how rewarding this experience is. I'm sure every father feels a certain increase of respect in seeing the mother of his child in her new role, but to see Ania's level of energy, commitment, and focus is humbling.

Milestones & Metrics

  • How Arianna looks this week:
    Ari closeups - Week 8
  • Arianna seems to have discovered her arms this week, often pushing the bottle away, then getting mad because she doesn't have the bottle. I can't help but start laughing out loud at this, which doesn't add to my attempts to keep midnight feeding time mellow.
  • Ania showed Ari her first flowers.
    Ania introduces Ari to flowers