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Week 41 | Bye, Bye, Grandpa Jim

Ari's Grandpa Jim passed away this week. They had a very special bond, and Ari never smiled so quickly or fully for anyone as for her Grandpa Jim. When we brought her over to their house after he'd gone, the first thing she did when she got into the room was look over to where he'd been resting in bed, smiling in anticipation.

It's very rewarding to experience now with Arianna how he felt about me as a baby. I always felt very loved, but now I have a first-hand understanding of where that love comes from. Now I can empathize with it.

Ari & Grandpa Jim

I'm sad that Dad won't get to enjoy loving and being loved by Arianna, but she still remembers and loves him. This is evident even two months later, as I finish writing this entry. When we walk into her room, you can ask, "Where's Grandpa?" and she'll turn and look up at his picture, and the biggest grin will spread across her face. Sometimes, she even starts to laugh. Dad had an uncanny ability to communicate his love, and Arianna basked in it. I'm so glad she's had an infusion of the love that Jene and I got all our lives from him, and that even for the short time they had together, she was able to brighten his spirits and remind him of the love, beauty, and joy he so appreciated in the world.

Dad used to always take Jene and me to Nancy Boyd Park, down the hill from the Montessori school we went to when we were very young. He would tell Ari how he looked forward to taking her there, so we took Lily and Ari there one morning not long after he passed away, in memory of those good times with him.

Nancy Boyd Park

Milestones & Metrics

  • Can pick out fish and ball among toys
  • Had her first pancakes
  • Shows "I'm so tall" by reaching up high with her hands when you ask her "How tall is Arianna?" (This is incredibly adorable!)