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Week 39 | Busy Baby

Ari - Week 38

Arianna was pretty busy this week, and seemed to really enjoy herself. The big event was going swimming for the first time this Sunday, which she loved! She also had two play dates, and is doing great interacting with other kids.

Allan and Denise brought baby Eliza over for brunch:

Ari hanging with friends

and Ania's friend Ania (also from Poland) brought baby Julia over for a play date:

Ari hanging with friends

There's something really lovely about watching babies learn to relate and socialize...

She ate her first ice cream cone — minus the ice cream — and we had just about as much fun watching her as she did exploring the new textures, sounds ("crunch!"), and tastes.

Ari first ice cream cone

Ania took her to the library to get some new books:

Ari at the library

And she worked on her piano skills:

Ari playing piano

I put on a little puppet show — my first ever — for her and made her laugh. Now I see what people mean about kids bringing out the kid in you, and it really is fun!

Puppet show for Ari

Milestones & Metrics

  • Fourth tooth (top right) started coming in
  • First time swimming in a pool (YMCA, 22 June)
  • We lowered her crib mattress to second-lowest setting; she's really becoming a lot more mobile, and is pretty tall for her age. It was sad, though, because it's another sign that she's not so much of a little baby anymore...
  • First ice cream cone
  • How Arianna looks this week:
    Ari Closeups - Week 39