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Week 36 | Moving, moving, moving...

Ari - Week 36

Ari's still not crawling, but she's really moving around a lot this week. It wasn't long ago that she'd get tired out after a 360-degree tummy rotation on the floor, which took a fair amount of time and effort. Now if she sees something she wants, she can rotate 90 degrees in a flash to go investigate or grab it. She practically jumps around in her crib, sometimes seeming to entertain herself by tossing, turning, and rolling around, which is really fun to watch on the video monitor. We're not sure why, but she first became comfortable with a lot of her movements there. Perhaps she perceives the relative safety since it's a confined space, or maybe she's just very familiar with it, so that's where she can try new things. She first began rotating in her crib and first rolled from her tummy to her back there.

When we change her diaper, she invariably wants to reach across with her right arm to scratch the wall (checking out the texture) on her left side. "Lie flat" has become my standard phrase while changing her, though I still ask her to "Work with Daddy" to get her to cooperate in terms of her legs.

Speaking of her legs, she's finding all kinds of ways to use them lately, so it shouldn't be long before she's crawing.

Ari circus baby

She really wants to stand, and definitely knows how to ask for it; she reaches out toward our hands, expecting that will result in us standing her up, which it usually does. She can even stand on her own for brief periods, with something to hold onto!

Ari standing on her own

She's also getting more and more willful and comfortable showing what she wants. I learned that I can't prepare her food with her in one arm, because she leans over (and she's very strong) to try to get it.

Just a couple weeks ago, her first tooth began to appear; now both bottom front teeth are through, and Ari can bite! I made the mistake of putting my finger in to feel for top teeth, and she chomped down hard on it! "Ow!" came out involuntarily loud. But it really hurt! That aforementioned strength is clearly in her jaws too. Unfortunately, my reaction scared Ari, who made the cutest sad face ever and started crying. I held her and reassured her, but I've definitely learned my lesson; my finger still hurt throughout the next day!

Can you see my teeth?

Wednesday evening, she enjoyed her first time having her teeth brushed!

Ari's first time having teeth brushed

Ari had a pretty busy weekend; on Friday, Steffani came to visit. She was one of the major planners of Ania's baby shower and hadn't met Ari since she's been "on the outside".

Steffani visit

On Saturday, Ari had a fun playdate with Ania (also from Poland) and Carl's daughter Julia; the two girls are about 3 weeks apart, and really seemed excited to see each other. It was cute to see them both reaching out to hold hands and touch each other, though we had to keep reminding them to be gentle.

Ari and Julia

Sunday, Ania and Ari spent some time looking at flowers in the backyard, then we went to the annual Polish picnic at Concord Community Park, where Ari tried her best to bite some kielbasa.

Ari at Polish picnic

And Arianna helped brighten Nana Helen's birthday on Monday, having fun here laughing and smiling with Grandpa Jim:

Ari brightens Helen's birthday

Milestones & Metrics

  • First time having her teeth brushed
  • Stood on her own for brief period
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