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March 23, 2008

Happy Easter from Arianna!

Happy Easter from Arianna

March 14, 2008

Ari Loves Her Sleepytime Buddy!

(Yes, I'm really back-logged in posting about Arianna, and I will catch up, but this is just too cute to wait!)

Ania's friend and co-worker, Leah, who was pregnant during the same time as Ania, gave Arianna this doll (thanks, Leah!). It works wonders at soothing her and lulling her to sleep, so I started calling it her "sleepytime buddy".

Ari kissing sleepytime buddy

We've always been happy with how well Ari responds to the doll — she can be screaming and fighting against going to sleep, but as soon as the doll's face lights up, it's like we flipped a switch, and she's immediately entranced. But it wasn't until we saw this on the video monitor last night that we realized just how much she adores her sleepytime buddy.

She's been rotating clock-wise in her crib lately, and we thought it was random, but maybe she just wants to be close to her buddy!

The doll's face lights up with a very calming orange/peach glow, and it can play a series of lullabies. It has three settings that can be changed with a switch on the back, and it's activated with a press of its tummy; lullaby, glowing face + lullaby, glowing face.

Writing this prompted me to find it online; it's the Playskool Gloworm. The website says "Ease baby's transition from busy time to bedtime", and we can attest that it works!