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February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day from Arianna!

Happy Valentine's Day from Arianna

February 12, 2008

Uncle Sam Agrees With James: Ania's a Keeper!

I've known it for years, but now the U.S. government agrees; Ania's too good to let go! Today, after living here for more than eight years, Ania was officially sworn in as a Citizen of the United States of America.

Ania's a US citizen

February 01, 2008

Week 18 | Arianna is Four Months Old

Ari - Week 18

Ari just turned four months old, and has been smiling and laughing even more this week. She's also getting into the habit of trying to bite everything she can.

Ari biting rolling toy

As much as I still would love to keep Arianna as an infant indefinitely, she's growing up fast. It's becoming really fun to play with her as she becomes more aware of and interested in what's around her. She can hold a ball now if you give it to her. It's probably by reflex, but it's pretty cool in any case!

Ari holding a ball

Arianna really likes to see herself in the mirror. For whatever reason, this causes her to "talk"; she's never as vocal as when she sees herself in the mirror.

Ari smiling at herself in the mirror

We've seen discussions on forums about mothers having trouble with babies' hands flailing around while nursing. When Ari does this, Ania kisses her hand; I couldn't think of a more loving solution!

Mommy kissing Ari's hand

Milestones & Metrics

  • Turned four months old
  • Stats: Length: 27", Weight: 16lbs 10oz, Head circumference: 42cm
  • Sitting pretty well in her PeaPod seat
  • Started holding her feet when she's on her back
  • How Arianna looks this week:
    Ari Closeups - Week 18