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Point Reyes Beat the Heat Hike

We took Ania's mom to Point Reyes to do one of our favorite hikes; the Bear Valley Trail out to Arch Rock. Before we set off on our main hike, Dave showed us Kule Loklo, a recreated Coast Miwok village, then led us to check out the Earthquake Trail.

Our thinking was to get some excercise and escape the heat. Pt. Reyes is close to the coast in the first place, so the temperature was a bit more moderate than in Pleasant Hill. Plus, much of the trail is covered by trees, and it gets progressively cooler as you approach the ocean. It was a bit cooler in Pt. Reyes, but on our return it was starting to get pretty hot in the sun. That didn't spoil a very pleasant hike, though, and seeing the ocean from atop the cliffs at Arch Rock is always worth it.

Afterward, we rewarded ourselves with dinner at Shen Hua. It was Wanda's first time having Chinese food; she impressed us with her chopsticks skills (she'd never used them before, but did great!), and loved the food!

PHOTO SUMMARY: Point Reyes Hike