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February 23, 2007

One of my favorite things on the way home from UC Davis during college was taking the Marshview Road exit from 680 for the more lively and beautiful drive along Lopes Road — a winding, hilly road that parallels 680 and snakes along the rolling hills and farmlands you tend to miss at freeway speeds. I had to go to Davis for work today, and was lucky to have time to take this more leisurely and fun way home.

MAP: Marshview junction

I just learned today that it's called Lopes road. I'd never looked at it on a map before, and since I used to always take the Marshview exit — and there is indeed a view of the marshlands to the east of the freeway — Dave (who often rode with me back from Davis and was also fond of the detour) and I thought of the whole drive as "Marshview Road". ...And that's how I'm going to continue to think of it.

PHOTO SUMMARY: Marshview Vistas

May 10, 2005

There are a few stores I like to go to just to check out all the cool stuff they have.  It's not that I really want to buy all the stuff I check out in these stores, I just like prowling around and thinking up justifications (for those things I really do want to get) and uses for various things.  Yeah, I'll pickup a neat gadget or tool now and then, but it's really about the "fantasizing"; most often, the thoughts & ideas never go beyond the walls of the store, but it's fun nonetheless.

I never mind going to these stores, and if my wife Ania wants to go look at other stores & doesn't need me, we both know I can safely be left to roam in any of my "shopping playgrounds".
(Thanks to Detailed Play Systems for the playground pic!)

I have yet to figure out if there's a point when I'll get bored in any of my shopping playgrounds, since Ania loses patience far before I'm done. (I really can spend an inordinate amount of time in my playgrounds!)  That's fine, though, because I can always look forward to the next visit!

Aside from some computer/electronics & hardware stores you might expect, my favorite shopping playgrounds are:
I've linked to the stores' web sites, but the point is, these are fun to explore in real life.

April 01, 2005

We grabbed a burrito, then some coffee, and went to see a movie, (I can't remember which movie, since I'm writing this on the 22nd, but I've set the post date to the 1st); it was a fun Friday night!
PHOTO SUMMARY: Friday night with Dave