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January 01, 2009

We have a tradition of going for a walk around the Lafayette Reservoir on New Year's Day, and we try to always do it with friends. It's a pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate having such a gorgeous place right in our "back yard". This year, we enjoyed the company of Colin, Sarah, Maggie, and Sam on a brisk, beautiful day. It was a fun start to 2009!

Fun at Larkey Park

March 17, 2007

We all thought it would be a nice day to drive down to Half Moon Bay, enjoy the gorgeous weather, and have lunch at the seaside. Unfortunately, as we got closer to the ocean, the weather became foggy and fairly cool.

Half Moon Bay with Taylor & Rossy

Nevertheless, we continued as planned to the Miramar Beach Restaurant, then enjoyed a beer sampler and some time relaxing & hanging out at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. I'd been wanting to try it for a while, and we all agreed; we'll be going back again! Despite the lack of sunshine, we all had a good time, and it was a cool day!

January 07, 2007

We had a very pleasant Sunday brunch at Townsend with Taylor & Rossy today. It was a beautiful day, and we took a nice stroll around the Embarcadero afterward.

sunday brunch with Taylor & Rossy

February 19, 2006

It had been a long time since more than a few of us had gotten together, so we had Amie, Dave, Mike & Jackie (with Jason & Laura), Colin & Sarah (with Maggie & Sam), Jon & Elena (with Zachary), and Taylor & Rossy over for a hangout/BBQ.  I grilled tri-tip and asparagus, and we had a great time!  It's nice to have a house large enough to accommodate so many people!
PHOTO SUMMARY: Hangout at Skyview 

May 24, 2005

We had a great time this weekend hosting Monika and Justina, some friends visiting from L.A.
PHOTO SUMMARY: Napa with friends 1
We had a nice lunch at the Rutherford Grill, did some wine tasting, and were treated to a day of spectacular vistas that included rainbows and dramatic constrasts of light & darkness, which I really enjoy.
PHOTO SUMMARY: Napa with friends 2