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June 25, 2008

Ania's mom, Wanda has single-handedly transformed the hillside in our backyard from an eyesore of a bleak and barren slope to a lush, terraced garden full of flowers and tomatoes. The colorful flowers have made spring and summer at our home even more pleasant and beautiful!

Here's a look at the yard as it was in April 2007 and below, after all her hard work, how it looks now in June 2008:

BEFORE AND AFTER: Backyard hill

After weeks of care and attention, those tomatoes have finally started to ripen, and the first crop is ready!

Wanda's tomatoes

It's too bad I so strongly dislike tomatoes — I'm sure they'll be juicy and delicious — but I will at least try them!

August 05, 2006

My pepper-crusted, mesquited-smoked, grilled salmon:

grilled smoked salmon

July 13, 2006

From our recent Redwoods Roadtrip:

Redwood before & after 

April 22, 2005

If you have tile on your kitchen counters or in your bathroom, and it doesn't look as nice as you'd like, you may want to consider Miracle Method tile resurfacing.  After having it done, I think the name is totally appropriate, but the pictures speak for themselves!


Kitchen tile counter - BEFORE
Kitchen faucet - BEFOREThe tile and grout on our kitchen counters hadn't been maintained well previous owners, and by the time we bought the house, the counters were extremely tough to keep clean.  The thin grout lines made cleaning especially difficult; only bleach & scrubbing helped, but even then, the counters didn't look very good.

I wanted to make a reasonably fair comparison for before & after, but in the "before" picture below, I did not bleach & scrub, since we knew we were resurfacing, and they said not to bother because they do a rather extreme clean/prep.  I did use a whole lot of spray cleaner, but as you can see, that didn't help much.


Now, there's no grout to get stained; everything is covered by the seamless Miracle Method coating.  They also did our kitchen sink, repairing a couple of chips in the porcelain; it looks like a new sink, especially with our new faucet.

Kitchen tile counter - AFTER
Kitchen faucet - AFTER
We chose "Kohler White", a semi-gloss, but not shiny finish.