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Week 12 | Ari's First Christmas Tree

Ari - Week 12

We were happy to include Ari in our tradition of getting a Christmas tree at the Alhambra Valley Tree Farm on Reliez Valley Road. Ania and I have been going there since our first Christmas together, seven years ago, and we look forward to it each year. We got the tree a bit late this year so there weren't as many trees as we'd hoped to show her. Ania introduced Arianna to our Christmas tree and we had fun showing her how to put it up and decorate it, which she seemed to enjoy.

Ari's first Christmas Tree - Week 12

It was a fairly social week; we had a nice brunch with Zach, Liz, and Taylor, and went to see Bee Movie, Ari's first movie, with Ollie, Anna, and Zabie. Despite our expectations we all actually enjoyed the movie, and Ari did really well in the theater. Ania took Ari to meet her friends at work, whom she hadn't seen since going out on maternity leave. She said she was very proud of Ari, who was very happy and pleasant as she was being fawned over by everyone. Colin, Sarah, Maggie, & Sam came over for a visit, too, but unfortunately, Ari missed them since she was asleep the whole time.

Ari's first movie - Week 12

Ari and Ania had fun at Gymboree this week, making and decorating a commemorative footprint stamp of Ari's feet.

Ari's footprints  - Week 12

Milestones & Metrics

  • Got her first Christmas tree
  • Went to her first movie, Bee Movie
  • How Arianna looks this week:
    Ari Closeups - Week 12