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November 26, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving 2006!

I really enjoyed Thanksgiving this year! Jené and Carter came to visit from Kentucky and we had some good family bonding time. For Thanksgiving dinner, we went to Kenny & Shirley's and had a delicious dinner and a great time. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, laughing, joking, and sharing stories. Everything and everyone came together in that rare and truly magical way that creates a sense of real holiday cheer.

PHOTO SUMMARY: Thanksgiving 2006

November 20, 2006

Tahoe Fall Getaway

Ania and I went up to Tahoe for a getaway over what will probably the last weekend to feel like Fall at that altitude. On our way, we happened upon a mandarin farm (Ania loves mandarins & tangerines) for Newcastle Produce. It was the farm for the company -- not the produce shop -- and it was complete with tractor, rolling hills, and orchards overlooking a valley; it was a setting right out of a storybook. We couldn't have found a better place to experience the glow of the autumn sunset.

The farmer brought over a couple of mandarins, and struck up a conversation. He was there with his wife; they were the type to invite you to stop 'n set a while, and they did just that. We were trying to make it to Tahoe before nightfall, but they were charmingly irresistible, silently reminding us of the wisdom in not rushing. It was worth it; they couldn't have been more pleasant, and they told us that if we were as happy as they are after 52 years of marriage we were in for a good ride. They're the sort who can restore your faith in people, and the fruit was incredible! Sometimes following your nose can lead to great experiences...

There was no snow in Tahoe, and almost no one around, which suited us just fine. We didn't have much on the agenda except relaxing and enjoying the area and some "us time". We had leisurely brunches, skipped rocks on the lake, went for a couple of walks, and did a lot of nothing. Ania schooled me good in ping pong though; 3 to 0! I made a better showing for myself on the air hockey table, but I have a lot to learn about table tennis!

On our way out, we decided to stop at a lamp store, and of all things, they had the exact kind of desk I used to sit at in elementary school! That left me in a pleasantly nostalgic mood as we drove home.

PHOTO SUMMARY: Tahoe Fall Getaway