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New header image: Lake Tahoe Pier, plus some thoughts about blogging with photos

I'm going to start using images in my blog's header, and changing them from time to time.  This isn't my original idea, but I've enjoyed it on other blogs, and I think it's a cool way to share what caught my eye or reflected my mood or thoughts at a particular time.   To keep a record of the header images I use, and to share with those of you using a feed reader -- and thus not visiting my blog directly -- I'm also going to do a quick intro post for each.

This one is from our recent trip to Lake Tahoe:


About a year ago, I started cropping photos and creating a series of what I call "horizontal slices".   For some reason, that perspective in photos appeals to me; perhaps it's something about narrowing the focus to what I see as the essence of the photo.  These just happen to lend themselves to being header images, so I'll probably use some of them, and continue creating and sharing new ones.

In any case, I plan to start posting more photo-centric entries here.  I'm really on the fence about photo sharing services right now, so that's part of why I'm not using one for this kind of thing.  I like
Flickr a lot, but Picasa Web Albums is really convenient, since I use Picasa to manage photos. 

The other reason is that I specifically want these photos to be part of my blog, since I'm using it as a journal of sorts, and photos add a lot of richness to memories, especially after a long time.  I'm also quite aware that no one is going to look at hundreds of photos.  I think highlighting just a few and putting them in context by writing about them -- even (perhaps especially) if it's just something brief -- makes them much more enjoyable.  That's the thinking behind the photo summaries I often post; you may notice that some of them don't include much text.  Even so, they do a good job of capturing an event or outing, and make a nice "visual calendar".  Being able to look back on that months or years later is part of what makes blogging so rewarding.