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June 25, 2006

Stinson Beach & Tiburon

It's been hot in Pleasant Hill lately, so we decided to take Wanda to Stinson Beach for a picnic.  It was perfect at the beach; slightly overcast, with just the right mix of warm sun and cool ocean breeze.  We had a lot of fun relaxing, enjoying the water, and tossing the frisbee and football.  There were a lot of people, but everyone was courteous & respectful, and seemed to be in a good mood.  We stopped in Tiburon on the way home for a stroll along the shore and a nice view of the bay.

PHOTO-SUMMARY Stinson Beach Tiburon 


June 24, 2006

Celebration dinner at Espetus

We took Dad, Mom, and Ania's mom, Wanda, who is visiting us from Poland, out to Espetus for a celebration dinner.  It was a belated celebration of Mother's and Father's Day, as well as a celebration of Wanda's "nameday".

Picture, Espetus

Espetus is a Brazilian "churrascaria" (steakhouse).  I first went a couple months ago with Taylor & Rossy, and we had a great time and loved the food.

Picture, Espetus

The way it works is, you get seated, then get a plate and go to the buffet for ancillary stuff like vegetables.  (Take my advice, save room for the meat!)  To really get in the spirit, order a traditional Brazilian "caipirinha" to drink.  The real action starts when you sit down, and change your table's placard from "No, obrigado" to "Sim, por favor", and the servers, dressed as "gauchos", start visiting your table with different cuts and types of meat, from top sirloin, to filet mignon, to grilled prawns, and parmesan crusted pork.

Picture, Espetus 

It's easy to feel rushed, but if everyone's got enough for a while, just rotate the placard to "No, obrigado", and take a break -- you'll find you need to do so often; it's a lot of food! 

Everyone loved the food, and we're all looking forward to finding an excuse to go back!

June 18, 2006

My other mom arrives from Poland

Today, Ania's mom, Wanda (pronounced "Vanda"), arrived from Poland.

 Picture, Wanda arrival

This is her first time in the United States, and she'll be staying with us for about two months.  We've got a lot of fun outings planned, but the main thing is for mother and daughter to really get to spend some time together.

We'll be pretty busy showing her around for the next several weeks!  Our plans include visits to:

I know everyone likes to make mother-in-law jokes, (in fact, she's been sharing some from Poland!)  but I really enjoy being with Wanda.  It's tough to communicate when Ania's not around, but that's good motivation to learn Polish.  She's very pleasant and energetic, and she always makes me feel right at home when we go to Poland.  I hope to help make her feel as comfortable and welcome here!