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April 22, 2006

Get the Good Stuff

Found on a picture board in Peet's Coffee:

The good stuff 

April 16, 2006

Easter Lunch at Skyview

We had Easter at our house this year, and decided to make it a lunch.  We grilled tri-tip (Morton's, from Costco, which we really like) and asparagus, and Mom brought a ham, to keep with tradition. 
This was our first time having our extended family over to our new house, and it was great!  I'm glad to finally have room to comfortably host larger gatherings. 

It had been rainy and cold until just before everyone arrived, but we had a few hours of sunshine and just enough warmth that we could all enjoy the sun on the patio as I was cooking.  We were really lucky with the weather; about 20 minutes after everyone left, it started raining.  It seemed like everyone had a good time, and we enjoyed the afternoon!


April 08, 2006

Mt. Diablo Recess

In the midst of a painting marathon, Ania and I had a quick "recess" during which we drove up Mt. Diablo to enjoy a rare pretty, somewhat sunny day.  It was good to get outside after painting our way through so many rainy, gloomy days we've had lately.


Photo summary: Mt. Diablo 

April 02, 2006

Winter getaway in Tahoe

Ania's been wanting to go play in the snow, which she enjoyed growing up with in Poland, but we haven't seen for quite a while.  So, we went to Tahoe for a few days with Dave for a fun mid-week winter getaway.  Going during the week was a great idea; there were far less people than usual, both on the road and at the resort, lifts, etc.  We had a great time snowtubing, throwing snowballs, trying to snowboard, soaking in a hottub, and relaxing in a beautiful setting.


tahoe getaway