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August 20, 2005

Muir Woods Hike with Marta

We took Ania's sister, Marta, who is visiting from Poland, to Muir Woods and had a great time hiking.

PHOTO SUMMARY - Muir Woods Hike

We took the Fern Creek Trail to the Lost Trail, up to a spot just below the Panoramic Highway, where we had a snack atop a giant boulder.  Ania and I had been there before, and it's a great destination to reach.  After hiking through the redwood forest, you emerge at the top of the hills and are treated to a beautiful view, and sometimes a glimpse of the ocean in the distance.

We headed back down the Lost Trail until it met with the Ocean View Trail, a bit more of a meandering route back to the visitor center.  We didn't enjoy that trail as much as we had the ones we took to get to the top, so we'll have to find another way back next time.

We made the mistake (as did others we met on the trail) of assuming that the "trail guide" they give you with your entry fee contained a map -- we were wrong!  Fortunately, there are several maps of the park on the web, so we'll be better prepared next time.

August 07, 2005

San Francisco with Marta

Today, we took Marta to San Francisco, where she touched the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very cooperative, but she had a great time anyway.

San Francisco with Marta

August 06, 2005

My 33rd Birthday

PHOTO SUMMARY: My 33rd Birthday

For my birthday, my parents, Marta, Ania, and I went to Rutherford Grill in the Napa Valley and had my favorite Caesar salad and their delicious BBQ ribs.  It was a gorgeous day, so we ate outside, and had a fun time.  Afterward we drove up to Calistoga and back down the Silverado Trail to show Marta the valley.